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  • Payment slip scanning for mobile banking apps
  • Mobile account opening - scanning ID documents
  • Scanning IDs for KYC process
  • Updating customer’s personal data
  • US checks scanning

Finance & Insurance

  • Mobile account opening
  • VAT and TAX number scanning
  • IBAN number scanning
  • ID, DL, VIN number, medical card scanning for insurance

Tourism & Hospitality

  • Accommodation front desk check in
  • Hotel mobile application check in
  • Registering guests by scanning different ID documents


  • Airports - check in, scanning of passport and IDs
  • Airports - boarding - barcodes scanning on boarding passes
  • Rent a car registering and booking
  • Ticket validation for busses, trains, trams, metro


  • Sales tool - collecting customer data
  • Car repair shops - scanning VIN or car registration card
  • Test drive - scanning DL, IDs and VIN


  • Reading TOP UP numbers
  • Collecting customers’ data
  • SIM card registration
  • WIFI code scanner
  • Know your customer (KYC) process

Retail & Online Shopping

  • Receipt scanning
  • Registration for online shopping
  • Price tag scanning
  • Nutritional information scanning
  • Loyalty programs, coupons and tax refund

Government & Law Enforcement

  • Security checks - scanning personal documents
  • Immigration and border control
  • Public safety (traffic police)
  • Elections and voting
  • Document management systems

Entertainment & Leisure

  • Concert and events ticket validation
  • Conferences registration and badges
  • Bars and clubs entrance validation
  • Gambling onboarding
  • Lottery tickets scanning


  • Medical and insurance cards
  • Visitor tracking
  • Drug prescriptions
  • Blood and other test results
  • Patient numbers


  • Office buildings visitors tracking
  • Scanning personal documents
  • Events security checks

Software development

  • We developed lots of customized SDKs for IT companies and design agencies who integrated them into their client’s mobile apps.

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