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Combat fraud and deliver a seamless onboarding experience to users around the world

With Identity Verification, you can:

  • Comply with KYC and AML regulations
  • Onboard real users and detect fraudsters 
  • Automate your existing identity verification process
  • Increase conversion rates with a seamless UX

Reading the ID document in real time

Remote onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or tiring for your customers. Microblink’s ID scanning solution, BlinkID, eliminates the first stumbling block in identity verification and supports various banking services, such as remote bank account opening. Using a smartphone or web camera, it enables real-time data extraction from identity documents such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses and residence permits. 

Checking that the ID is real

Document Verification checks that the document is genuine and physically present at the time of verification (during account opening, for example). Our AI models analyze the way the user is moving the document in space and watch out for any security features it may be missing. 

Making sure the document belongs to a real user

In the background, Identity Verification compares the user’s face with the photo on the ID. Our certified liveness detection takes no more than a few seconds to complete, yet it offers best-in-class defense against different types of presentation attacks.

Build supreme customer experiences with advanced tech features:

  • Data security: offline, on-premise processing that never puts personal information at risk
  • Support for nearly all government-issued identity documents, including passports, IDs, work permits, and more. See the full list
  • AI-powered scanning that knows which document a user is holding straight away
  • Additional features such as data matching and color status that help spot fake documents

enero 26, 2022

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