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Build robust security systems with intelligent data extraction software.

Fast & reliable entrance validation

Strengthen your security measures and simplify the way you let people through the door. BlinkID lets you quickly and accurately screen event-goers entering bars, nightclubs, casinos, and liquor or convenience stores. You can also ensure only adults can access your digital, age-related services this way. Whenever an underage person tries to present their ID, a pop-up message will appear notifying you they’re not old enough to be let in.

Empowering law enforcement

Our specialized computer vision products enable the greatest accuracy, speed, and data security features to support supreme digital solutions in the law enforcement and security industry. From data security to suspect identification, our solutions support robust, real-time tracking & reporting processes. Officials on patrol and in immigration and border control offices use them to instantly scan identity cards, passports, visas, and driver’s licenses. The solutions are intuitive and easy to use, so there’s no need for any training programs.

Remote voter registration

Increase voter turnout by eliminating unnecessary paperwork and queues at polling stations. Let citizens vote remotely from the comfort of their home, with the help of a mobile or desktop app. BlinkID ensures citizens are old enough to cast their vote, simplifies their registration process and minimizes the number of invalid ballots.

Build intelligent security systems with advanced tech features:

  • Data security: on-device processing that never puts personal information at risk
  • Support for nearly all government-issued identity documents, including passports, IDs, visas, work permits, and more. See the full list
  • AI-powered scanning that knows which document a user is holding straight away
  • Additional features such as data matching and color status that help spot false documents
  • Simple plug & play integration
  • Bare metal integration in custom enterprise solutions such as ID document readers and Windows or macOS desktop applications

enero 26, 2022

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