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Create supreme personalized experiences in physical and online stores with instant data entry solutions.

Efficient store operations

Develop superb in-store operations with little cost. There’s no hassle with expensive hardware purchases or employee training. Instead, empower smart devices with computer vision to instantly scan barcodes, price tags, or other product information to enable real-time tracking of inventory data and customer purchases.

Seamless online payments

Transform the way customers interact with your service and reduce abandonment in shopping carts. Enable swift checkout & payment solutions with real-time scanning and fill-in of payment card data. Paired with identity document scanning, facilitate an additional step in security and fraud prevention.

Digitalized loyalty programs

Delight your customers with innovative features in your customer loyalty program. Increase their involvement with fun and easy features, such as instant registration by scanning their ID or fast customer coupons and loyalty cards. You can also provide them with an easy way to keep track of their shopping by scanning their purchase receipts. Our solution for data extraction from retail receipts enables real-time customer data and is an excellent solution for market research as well.

All solutions are easily integrated into existing apps and data management systems. They require no investment into dedicated scanning devices as they are easily integrated into a variety of mobile and web platforms.

Digitalize your retail service with advanced tech features:

  • Fast & accurate data entry
  • Supported identity documents in over 150 countries worldwide (IDs, passports, visas, work permit, and other)
  • Instant scanning of credit and payment cards of various backgrounds, with embossed or printed numbers
  • Low memory footprint
  • Plug & play integration
enero 26, 2022

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