Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020

November 2, 2020
Hong Kong Fintech Week 2020

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We’re excited for the fifth edition of the Hong Kong FinTech Week and all the masterclasses, talks and panels we’re going to see.

This year is slightly different, so we’re preparing a virtual booth, packed with exciting demos and insightful panels instead of a physical booth and flyers. We’ll try not to be sad about missing the beautiful Hong Kong skyscrapers and eating tasty Dim-Sums.

Find out how our technology helps businesses worldwide streamline and create a better user experience. Banks, financial and government institutions, telecoms, retailers, insurance, system integrators and others already use BlinkID and BlinkCard in their apps. They empower remote customer onboarding and are easily integrated with all major verification or biometric solutions across different mobile and web platforms.

Here’s what we prepared for the HKFW2020 attendees. We hope you’ll enjoy our videos as much as we enjoyed filming them:

Integrate ID verification into your existing application