ICE London – Mind the AI

February 4, 2020
ICE London – Mind the AI

We’re ready to jump on the ICE London tube. For the first time, Microblink will be a part of a large scale gaming conference such as ICE London.

We will catch up with more than 600 solutions experts and 30,000 gaming professionals across all sectors of gaming. See the present and future of gaming and drive revenues through invaluable meetings and networking opportunities.

Gaming is such a vague term. In this case, we’re talking about betting, bingo, casino, and lottery. Find out how Microblink’s solutions fit in the industry.

The customer journey in the gaming industry is very complex. It isn’t easy to lead a customer from the beginning to the finish line of the journey. Powered by state-of-the-art AI technology, BlinkCard, and BlinkID, enhance the whole experience in various ways. 

Let’s go through these real-life challenges that our products tackle in a jiffy. The first one is the user registration and KYC, where scanning a government-issued ID is mandatory for successful onboarding. Our product BlinkID simplifies that process by providing real-time data extraction and document capture from a wide range of identity documents globally.  

 The second step is the payment process, which is usually the part of the customer journey with high abandonment rates. Customers don’t want to type in their payment card data. BlinkCard enables them to use the camera of their device to scan and capture card data in real-time quickly. With our product, you can turn the nuisance of typing long bank card numbers into a fun and easy process for your customers. 

All our products are available as a lightweight plug and play SDK or an on-premise web API solution. Microblink products integrate easily into any onboarding process and are compatible with all major verification or biometric solutions.

Integrate ID verification into your existing application