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Identity Verification product updates – July 2022

July 31, 2022
Identity Verification product updates – July 2022

Our new Identity Verification version is coming in hot! Not just because its release is in July but because of the flaming features. Let’s start with the ones that affect your end-users journey.

What’s new for your customers:

Document Verification 

Besides scanning an ID document and going through a liveness check followed by face matching, we’ve added document verification as an additional layer of security. Document Verification is a fully automated solution for validating the genuineness of an identity document. Additionally, Document Verification in IDV flow is optional, meaning that you can skip or include this step in verifying your customers.

New liveness and face matching technology

From now on, you can choose between two ways you’ll check if your customer is present and the one who it claims to be when trying to verify. The new option is iProov’s Flashmark technology, which uses a combination of light, time, and space to create multi-dimensional checks. 

Updated Identity Document Scanning

We’ve also released a new version of Identity Document Scanning. There are 50 new document types that your users can scan and extract data from, as well as improved accuracy when detecting and reading all supporting documents. Find out more about this version in the product updates.

What’s new behind the scenes:

Identity Dashboard

We’ve added the daily overview widget so you can quickly get a preview of identity checks happening at the moment and overall weekly trends in customer verifications.

Unique verification identifier

Within webhooks and verification API, we exposed a unique verification identifier. verificationid enables tracking verification across services within IDV, and you can use it to integrate tracking within your identity verification system.

Integrate ID verification into your existing application