Verify your user’s identity in two easy steps

Microblink Identity Verification helps you grow trust within your community and achieve compliance with various regulations.

A fast, precise and seamless user verification is one of the building blocks to business success. Our solution will help you:


Reduce fraud rates

The skyrocketing number of data breaches in the past few years has led to identity theft spikes. That’s why there is a great need to make sure that the person opening an account with your business is who they claim to be.

Automate document verification

We’re supporting a variety of global identity documents presented by your users when going through identity verification. Being fully automated, our document verification doesn’t require a person on the other end and does all the security checks on its own.

Create a great user experience

Microblink identity verification is as simple as a-b-c, more precisely a-b since it only takes two steps. Scanning an identity document and taking a selfie. We’re helping users get verified quickly with real-time feedback messages in both of these steps, resulting in higher onboarding completion rates than classic long and complicated ID verification processes.

Leverage identity solutions in various ways

Native Mobile SDKs

The client-side component of identity verification is available as a native mobile SDK.

In-browser SDK

You can setup the client-side component to run in a web browser.


Identity Verification uses a client-server model. On the server side we offer Cloud API integration including verification dashboard.


The server side of identity verification is available as self-hosted solution that runs in a protected Docker container.