Identity Week 2019, London

June 11, 2019
Identity Week 2019, London

Meet our team leads at Identity Week and discover our data entry software empowering seamless identity solutions on mobile & web platforms.

Identity Week is the place where industry experts meet to exchange ideas and explore the future of identity. It comprises three events under one roof: Digital:ID, Planet Biometrics, and SDW, focused on different topics across the identity spectrum. Over 250 talks and workshops will provide insight into how to create a more secure world, providing citizens and customers to interact with governments and companies in a safe, yet seamless manner.

We are a leading provider of real-time document scanning with on-device processing across various industries, including digital identity and KYC. Our intelligent data extraction solutions empower seamless proofing and verification for clients worldwide.

Development of proprietary machine learning methods enabled us to continuously build products that provide great value to businesses and their customers, for example:

BlinkID is our solution for scanning of identity and travel documents. It eliminates typing data into forms and is a powerful tool for mobile and eKYC, onboarding, or various user registration processes. It supports identity & travel documents from over 150 countries worldwide.

BlinkCard is the first credit card scanning software enabling instant scanning of various credit, bank, and payment cards. It’s built on the latest advances in text recognition and extraction and powers seamless user experience in processes that require quick credit card entry or payment.

Take a look at the new, advanced features:

What makes us a trusted tech provider and a market leader among document readers?

  • Speed & accuracy – from identity and travel documents to credit cards and even retail receipts, our mobile SDKs and Web APIs provide accurate data entry into any app or website in a second.
  • Offline & on-device processing – with mobile SDKs, the scanning process is done offline, and the extracted data never leaves the device, ensuring a completely secure data entry process with no server-side interaction. Web APIs are available for on-premise or cloud integration, depending on the client’s requirements.
  • Front & back side scanning – our solutions can extract data from both sides of a document, and also compare them as an extra step in document verification.

Sounds interesting?

Identity Week is a world-class showcase and networking event for innovators, industry disruptors, and solution providers. We’re excited to come to catch up with our clients and explore the future of identity. Our Head of Research and Head of Sales will be hanging around the event – this is a unique opportunity to meet them and have a chat about how advanced computer vision can elevate user experience in your mobile app or website. Contact us below if you’d like to meet.

See our tech in action

There are plenty of ways you can try our top-notch solutions powering digital identity – and they’re all free. Download our demo apps for free or register to try the SDK or Web API versions.

BlinkID demo app: iOS & Android

Explore all products and various use cases in our free Microblink Vision app. Get it on iOS or Android.

Try the mobile SDKs & Web APIs by registering on our Developers site

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