Identity week 2020

November 16, 2020
Identity week 2020

We’re very excited that we took part in the Identity Week conference once again, even though we joined it from our offices. Although the conference’s official part is over, you can still use the opportunity to see what is new in the fascinating world of identity solutions.

Identity Week gathers all industry experts in one place to talk about the future and trends of the identity industry each year. More than 250 speakers and exhibitors shared their knowledge, technology, and experiences. By mid-December, you can watch three different events: Digital:ID, Planet Biometrics, and SDW that cover various topics in the world of identity. 

First, our ID scanning solution — BlinkID. An ID scanning software based on AI that is already a part of banking and insurance apps as well as major identity verification solutions. It’s a great first step in KYC and remote onboarding because it works in a simple and easy way. With a quick scan of the customer’s identity document all the necessary information gets in the app and fills out the form.

Our second surprise is BlinkCard. Payment card scanner that really works. It’s a great addition to any payment processing service, e-commerce site or any other app where there’s a need to enter payment details. Instead of typing in long lines of numbers, your customers can point the camera at the payment card, and the data gets extracted in a blink. BlinkCard is also helpful in reducing card-not-present (CNP) transactions as a user scanning in their credit card information has to be in possession of the physical card.

Last but not the least, Document Capture, a part of our BlinkInput product which lets users digitize various documents they need to enclose before registering for a product or service.

Our free demo app — Microblink Vision has all our products in one place updated to the latest product versions. Download it from Google PlayApp Store or AppGallery, to explore all our products and tell us what you think.

Sounds fun?

Well, if it sounds fun for you, you’ll love how it looks. Take a peek at the two demos we prepared for Identity Week. One will show you how BlinkID works, and the other will tell you a story about our technology.

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