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Powered by AI, BlinkID Verify conducts data format, logic, and consistency checks across diverse identity documents so that you know your customers are using real IDs every time.

Combat document fraud with AI technology

Correctly identify real vs. fake IDs 99% of the time

Correctly identify real vs. fake IDs 99% of the time

40-60% of document-based fraud can be stopped by running basic data checks on identity documents. Microblink’s AI technology captures, classifies, and extracts data from over 2,500+ ID types, including driver’s licenses, passports, and travel visas, with exceptional accuracy. Our non-forensic checks correctly identify real and fake IDs up to 99% of the time.

Protect against sophisticated fraud

Our machine learning models to detect visual anomalies have trained on over 450,000 production images, while forensic checks and visual anomaly detection capabilities protect your business from fraud attack vectors that are difficult to recognize. Our document fraud feature, a testament to Microblink’s ID fraud expertise, aggregates the results of all fraud scores through a series of logical trees and weights.

Fast and easy for customers to use

Our identity document capture and extraction technology is 5x faster than competitors. Get the maximum protection against fraud without frustrating your best customers with unnecessary steps or manual data entry.
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5x faster

Our flagship BlinkID product is 5x faster compared to alternative document scanning solutions, driving higher completions.


We perform up to 45 on-demand security checks to analyze documents.


We process over 2,500 different, diverse identity documents in 140+ countries – and growing.

Over 12 billion scans and counting for ID document verification


Identity Document Verification Features

Data match, format & layout checks

Checks whether information visually present on an ID matches the information present in either a barcode or MRZ. This includes whether information visually present on an ID appears in the expected data format (e.g. date formats, document number formats, gender formats, nationality format, issuing authority formats) and layout check to determine whether all visual elements of an ID appear in expected locations and sizing.

Passive liveness detection

Analyzes the movements to determine if the ID is physically present in front of the camera by way of screen detection, photocopy detection, and hand presence. Identify if a user is attempting to spoof an ID by displaying it on a screen (e.g. computer, tablet, mobile), or attempting to present a photocopied document as authentic. Our image quality indicator assesses the quality of the image used in the analysis of the document for fraud indicators.

Security feature analysis

Analyzes the static security features (e.g. document titles, logos, flags, emblems, coats of arms, signatures) of identity documents to determine if they appear as expected – including scenarios where security features are entirely missing or fake security features have been added.

Photo forgery & font analysis

Identifies whether the photo on the ID has been tampered with, such as a fraudster overlaying a secondary photo on top, and checks the relative sizing, shape, and location of letters on the identity document to check whether they appear as expected.

Intuitive UX with built-in extraction

Our award-winning, intuitive interface with real-time feedback guides the user toward a successful document verification while extracting the data simultaneously.

Data logic checks

Compares various dates to check for logical sequencing and validates check digits in the MRZ. Document sample check identifies common strings used in sample documents, such as “specimen” or “sample” for the Last Name field, while expiry check determines whether the ID is expired.

Say goodbye to manual data entry.
Say hello to fast and easy document verification

Banking and Financial Services
Hospitality (e.g. rentals, property management)
Air and Travel
Gig/sharing Economy
Customer onboarding
Age verification
Online check-ins
Visitor management
Payment verification
identity document verification

Solving Online Identity Challenges with AI

Microblink helps the world’s leading organizations maintain trust and drive conversions online. Our products serve as the foundation of complex document-based identity experiences.
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Scan and classify more than 2,500 IDs from 140+ countries easily, quickly and securely.

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Extract data with over 95% data accuracy – regardless of document orientation, lighting, or camera angle. Match data fields on both sides of the submitted identity document to ensure consistent, structured outputs and formats.

Verify →

Advanced identity document verification through passive liveness as well as AI-powered forensic inspection of documents help protect your business from sophisticated fraud.
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