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Identity Document Scanning

Make the first impression count with seamless scanning of identity documents. Extract numerous data fields with high accuracy, right out of the box.

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SoLo Funds doubles conversion rate with Microblink

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Improve the user experience

Free your customers from manual data entry with BlinkID instant document processing APIs. Process documents in your product instantly with better than human accuracy.
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Secure global coverage.

BlinkID is the safest, most powerful software trained to scan and extract data from IDs. Our proprietary technology never stops learning, giving it the ability to support all identity documents in the world.

The processing is done entirely on-device with GDPR in mind, no internet or server connection needed. In other words, sensitive information never leaves your app.
Protect Sensitive Information
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Stubbornly precise.

When it comes to data entry, not only is it faster than a human, BlinkID is also more reliable. Designed to sift through dozens of images in search of the clearest one, BlinkID has proved to work exceptionally well regardless of document orientation, lack of lighting, or camera angle.
Use Our Reliable Technology
30M+ Our technology is a part of millions of devices worldwide.
2000+ We support a variety of identity documents worldwide and our AI quickly adds more types to the solution.
135+ We are very close to our goal to support scanning identity documents of every country in the world.

ID Document Scanning Features

Intuitive UX with auto classification Provides real-time feedback that guides the user toward a successful scan every time. Document types are automatically recognized.
Privacy and security BlinkID works on-device and doesn’t send document images to servers for processing.
Smart image capture While scanning a document, BlinkID snaps a clear, high-resolution image of both the document and its owner’s face.
Field anonymization If required, configure BlinkID to mask certain parts of the identity document (in results and on cropped images).
Document data consistency BlinkID matches the data on both sides of the document, checks if the extracted information has a valid format.
Age verification BlinkID displays a warning message if a person scanning their identity document is below the age limit set by the service provider.
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Layers of possibilities.

Our Identity Suite builds trust between people and organizations. Gain your customers’ confidence with speed and security every step of the way.
Document Scanning →
Scan and extract data from IDs quickly and safely.
Document Verification →
Identify, read, and verify live identity documents on your smartphone.
Identity Verification →
Combine facial recognition with your verified identity documents and spoof-proof liveness detection to prove your identity.
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Ways to integrate

ic mobile sdks

Mobile SDKs

Enhance your Android or iOS app with AI-driven ID card scanning. Available for React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Capacitor and Flutter.
ic in browser sdks

In-browser SDK

Scan IDs, passport or driver licenses inside a browser via a simple JavaScript integration.
ic cloud api

Cloud API

Add ID scanning to your website or web app. Send document images as API calls and get the parsed results back.
ic self hosted api lime

Self-hosted API

Run BlinkID as a Docker container on the backend of your web app.


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