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Accelerate user onboarding with BlinkID Document Scanning. Quickly and securely extract data from diverse ID types.

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Integrate on any platform

Integrate on any platform

Easily deploy on-Cloud or on-premise for superior flexibility in going to the market.

Accuracy you can rely on

Accuracy you can rely on

Over 95% data accuracy, providing confidence to your processes – and clarity to your customer experience.

Frictionless UX

Frictionless UX

Capture and process identity documents 3x faster, driving higher first time success rate for your users.

built around user

Built for your needs

Configure BlinkID to fit your organization’s needs, including field anonymization to redact certain aspects of the ID results or cropped images. With age verification, you can set up warning notifications for users scanning identity documents below an age limit.
Reduce User Friction
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Global document coverage

BlinkID is the world’s most trusted and flexible AI-enabled solution to scan and extract data from diverse ID types. Our proprietary tech never stops learning, supporting more than 2,500 identity documents in over 180 countries – and growing.

Processing is done entirely on-device with GDPR in mind, no internet or server connection needed. In other words, sensitive information never leaves your app.
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Accuracy at scale

Designed to sift through dozens of images in search of the clearest one, BlinkID delivers over 95% data accuracy – regardless of document orientation, lighting, or camera angle. Extract and match relevant data fields on both sides of the submitted identity document, ensuring consistent, structured outputs and formats.
Use Our Reliable Technology

BlinkID Scanning Features

Intuitive UX with auto classification Intuitive UX with auto classification Guide users toward a successful scan every time. Auto-classification immediately detects document types.
Best-in-class security Best-in-class security BlinkID works on-device, meaning document images aren’t sent to servers for processing.
Smart image capture Smart image capture While scanning a document, BlinkID snaps a clear, high-resolution image of both the document and its owner’s face.
Field anonymization Field anonymization Easily configure BlinkID to mask certain parts of the identity document (in results and on cropped images).
Document data consistency Document data consistency BlinkID matches the data on both sides of identity documents and checks to ensure a valid format.
Age verification Age verification Display a warning message if the person scanning their ID is below the age limit set by the service provider.

Take BlinkID For A Test Drive

Explore our Data Capture SDK in our demo app and experience the power of a smooth UX and quick extraction speed for yourself.

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Solving Online Identity Challenges with AI

Microblink helps the world’s leading organizations maintain trust and driven conversions online, using our AI and UX-first approach. Our products serve as the foundation of complex document-based identity experiences.
Capture & Extract →
Scan and extract data from IDs, quickly and securely.
Verify →
Identify, read, and verify live identity documents on your smartphone.
Enable →
Combine facial recognition with verified identity documents and liveness detection to prove your identity.
Talk to an expert →

Ways to Integrate BlinkID Scanning

ic mobile sdks

Mobile SDKs

Enhance your Android or iOS app with AI-driven ID card scanning. Available for React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, Capacitor and Flutter.
ic in browser sdks

In-browser SDK

Scan IDs, passports and driver licenses inside a browser via a simple JavaScript integration.
ic cloud api

Cloud API

ID scanning for your website or web app. Send document images as API calls and get the parsed results back.
ic self hosted api lime

Self-hosted API

Run BlinkID as a Docker container on the backend of your web app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Please refer to our Identity Document Scanning FAQs.

  1. Which documents does the BlinkID Scanning SDK support?
  2. I can see that BlinkID supports data-match. Are all fields being compared from the front and the backside of the document?
  3. What are the minimum device requirements to run your SDKs?
  4. Which languages can be displayed in your SDK UI?
  5. Do we need to use the device’s camera for information extraction?


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