Agencies & System Integrators

Agencies & System Integrators

Upgrade customer experience with real-time data extraction for any mobile or web platform.  

Customizable solutions

Our computer vision solutions are specially developed to enable fast and accurate data extraction from physical documents within any mobile or web app. We’ve built lots of customized SDKs for IT companies and design agencies who integrated them into their clients’ solutions. Our team is continuously exploring new potential areas where our technology can improve business processes, save costs, and improve customer experience.

Easy integration & agile support

We’ve developed an efficient system for collaboration with various mobile app & web development agencies. While all our solutions are built for plug&play integration, our dev and support teams are always available for help throughout the whole integration process, from the initial trials to final implementation. We believe close collaboration is essential in building supreme-quality solutions for end clients, as well as discovering new opportunities along the way.

Looking for partners

We’re looking for technology partners and resellers to join us in transforming customer experience with advanced computer vision technology. Find out more on collaboration opportunities in our Partners page.

Delight your clients with advanced tech features:

  • Fast and accurate data entry from various documents
  • Ensured data security: on-device processing; no third-party servers
  • Low memory footprint
  • Simple plug & play integration 
  • Customizable features and UI

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Banking & Insurance →
Deliver a seamless onboarding experience to users around the world.
Travel →
Make travel arrangements smooth sailing with an excellent customer experience.
Government & Security →
Build robust security systems with intelligent data extraction software.
Telecommunications →
Interact with customers beyond voice using powerful machine learning solutions.
Sharing Economy →
Create stellar verification experiences and build trust in your community.
Retail & E-Commerce →
Create supreme personalized experiences in physical and online stores with instant data entry solutions.
Remote Identity Verification →
A frictionless way to verify users and their ID documents online.
Healthcare →
Track and manage patient data in real time with intelligent scanning solutions.
Agencies & System Integrators →
Upgrade customer experience with AI-powered solutions.

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