Shared Economy

Shared Economy

Create stellar verification experiences and build trust in your community

The world is becoming increasingly reliant on the sharing economy and identity verification is the biggest driver of its adoption.

It’s what makes people comfortable spending a night in somebody’s home or hitching a ride from someone they’ve never met. And because it’s the first touchpoint between you and your customers, it needs to leave a great first impression.

With Identity Verification, any person holding an ID document can verify themselves in 30 seconds or less. And, because of its ease of use and global coverage, the solution is an ideal fit for a variety of sharing economy use cases, including:

  • Ridesharing & carsharing
  • Peer-to-peer lending
  • Homesharing
  • Food & grocery delivery
  • Freelancing and remote work

Identity Verification is a suite of solutions that let you verify sharing economy users remotely. It can be easily integrated into your existing onboarding process, either as a mobile SDK or in-browser SDK. The suite consists of three building blocks you can mix and match according to your needs.

Read identity documents with ease

Signing up for a sharing economy service doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or tiring for your customers. Microblink’s ID scanning solution, BlinkID, eliminates the first stumbling block in identity verification and lets users sign up with their personal information in seconds. Using a smartphone or web camera, it enables real-time data extraction from identity documents, such as ID cards, passports and driver licenses.

Determine whether the ID document is real

Take it a step further to determine if the ID document a user has scanned is real. Document Verification checks whether the ID document is genuine and physically present at the time of verification by carrying out a number of checks based on the way the document interacts with its environment.

Check that the ID document belongs to the user

Leverage the power of AI to ensure that the user signing up for your service is a real human being and not a fake representation of one. Identity Verification is quick and easy to complete, yet it offers best-in-class defense against different types of identity fraud.

Manage all verifications from one place

Get a holistic view of users signing up for your sharing economy service with the Identity Dashboard — a central place for you and your team members to track and manage user verifications in real time


Banking & Insurance → Deliver a seamless onboarding experience to users around the world.
Travel → Make travel arrangements smooth sailing with an excellent customer experience.
Government & Security → Build robust security systems with intelligent data extraction software.
Telecommunications → Interact with customers beyond voice using powerful machine learning solutions.
Sharing Economy → Create stellar verification experiences and build trust in your community.
Retail & E-Commerce → Create supreme personalized experiences in physical and online stores with instant data entry solutions.
Remote Identity Verification → A frictionless way to verify users and their ID documents online.
Healthcare → Track and manage patient data in real time with intelligent scanning solutions.
Agencies & System Integrators → Upgrade customer experience with AI-powered solutions.
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