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Verify real people and reduce abandonment without friction

Leverage combined expertise in top-tier ID card scanning, face biometrics, and liveness detection for secure remote identity verification.


Here’s how our solution can accelerate growth for your business:

Increase revenue

Reduce abandonment and convert more good customers at onboarding with fast, accurate document checks and a user friendly selfie experience, increasing revenue and improving CAC.

Reduce costs

Confirm user identities with the highest confidence, reducing the cost of fraud before it occurs, including previously unknown costs derived from synthetic identities and deepfakes.

Globally inclusive reach

Leverage global support for processing ID cards in combination with inclusive, secure facial biometrics. Extend the reach of real people regardless of device, literacy, or capability.

Future-proof security

Safeguard against AI-generated attacks across remote identity workflows, future-proofing against the attacks of tomorrow at scale

Solution Overview

Establishing trust in a digital context is becoming increasingly complex. The advent and acceleration of generative AI have fuelled the growth of identity fraud, calling existing remote identity verification processes and practices into question.

High assurance, user-friendly remote onboarding is crucial for fraud prevention and protecting the bottom line. Organizations must confirm users are who they claim to be in order to meet stringent KYC guidelines and prevent fraud, while also delivering seamless digital experiences to satisfy the demands of modern consumers.

Combining best-of-breed ID document verification, face biometrics, and liveness detection, iProov and Microblink deliver specialized focus, deep expertise, and unrivaled technology in their respective fields. Instead of handling multiple vendors and integrations, organizations can implement one solution, speeding up time to market.

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Global document coverage and WCAG-accredited face biometrics

Microblink’s BlinkID supports 2,500+ identity documents with saturated coverage of supporting up to 70% of the most common IDs per country.

iProov is the first biometric vendor to be accredited to WCAG 2.2 AA and Section 508, meaning increased accessibility, irrespective of the user’s device, literacy, or ability. As the only FIDO certified Cloud Based Biometric Vendor, iProov is the only independently tested facial biometric provider available to conduct remote identity proofing.

Accessible and inclusive identity verification enables organizations to extend reach to all users, going beyond geographical boundaries and serving previously marginalized demographics. Organizations can widen their total addressable market and acquire higher market share.

Expedited document capture and unrivaled biometric performance

Fast, automated document capture, unrivaled biometric pass rates, and real-time user feedback expedite onboarding workflows.

High-performing and accurate identity verification enables organizations to deliver seamless remote access to genuine users while keeping bad actors out. Abandonment mitigation and faster onboarding times mean organizations can reduce cost per acquisition and improve customer satisfaction.

New account and synthetic identity fraud protection

iProov is listed as a synthetic identity fraud mitigation vendor for the technology’s ability to confirm user identity to the highest level of assurance.

BlinkID Verify authenticates documents with unmatched precision, and thwarts advanced fraud attempts with sophisticated cross-matching technology.

Multilayered document and biometric defenses safeguard against new account fraud and synthetic identity fraud, a $23bn problem in the US.

The joint solution safeguards organizations from revenue loss derived from identity fraud, protecting the organization’s bottom line and reducing liquidity risk.
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