KNOW 2019, Las Vegas

March 24, 2019
KNOW 2019, Las Vegas

Excited to showcase powerful computer vision supporting supreme identity solutions at the KNOW conference in Vegas. Book a meeting with us at meeting pod #220 to discover how you can delight customers of tomorrow with seamless user experience.

We’re coming to Las Vegas for the premier identity, trust, and data economy event in the world to showcase intelligent data extraction solutions that empower digital identity and payment processes. 

At Microblink, we like to think of every step of the customer journey as an opportunity to convince, engage, and most importantly, form trust with users. Data extraction technology built on machine learning has great potential in that it not only eliminates friction, but also provides a seamless, yet dynamic experience for users.

At KNOW, we’ll be showcasing BlinkID, intelligent data extraction software for identity documents which replaced complicated forms with real-time personal data input via mobile or web camera. All the user has to do is point the camera at the ID document, and all data is captured real-time with high precision, in less than a second. BlinkID is easily integrated with any verification, authentication, and biometric solutions, where it saves significant time in the data entry process, both on the business and the user side.

In BlinkID development, there was already an efficient process established across all stages, from research and data management to product deployment. However, the latest advances in machine learning research have enabled even greater scalability in adding support for new document types. Microblink has developed ML-powered extraction that now no longer requires document templating development, unlike many other solutions on the market. In addition, the newly introduced technology is highly oriented towards better UX as it enables automatic detection of the ID type for even easier scanning of multiple documents.

For the US market, important news is that BlinkID now supports scanning of both sides of driver’s licenses while providing feedback on data consistency: the data on the front and the back are compared to check if they match as one of the steps in fraud prevention.

New product: BlinkCard

Next to BlinkID, we are excited to announce our brand new product: BlinkCard.

BlinkCard saves users from the nuisance of typing in long bank card numbers by enabling fast, real-time scanning of credit and bank cards. It extracts data from virtually any payment card, embossed or printed, with various backgrounds and layouts.

BlinkCard is the result of our latest advances in our proprietary machine learning research and development. It’s a long-needed solution that turns the part of the customer journey with usually high abandonment rates into an easy and fun step for users.

Both in BlinkID and BlinkCard, scanning and extraction are done offline and on-device, which enables enterprises to have complete control over deciding how to handle the information from the security point of view. They are available as mobile SDKs or Web APIs that are compatible with all verification or biometric solutions.

Want to see our technology in action?

Join the live demo on #KNOW2019 at Innovation & technology demo stage, March 25 at 11:45 AM!
Also, there are plenty of ways you can try out BlinkID or BlinkCard before the event – and they’re all free.

Download the BlinkID demo app on iOS or Android.

Explore all products and various use cases in our free Microblink Vision app. Get it on iOS or Android.

You can also try the mobile SDKs & Web APIs and see how they would work as part of your app or website, by registering on our Developers site.

Want to meet up?

Explore KNOW 2019 and register using our discount code MICROBLINK20 for 20% off the current price here.

To learn how computer vision can help elevate your business, explore other Microblink solution and get in touch to book a meeting. See you in Vegas!

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