KNOW Identity Digital Forum 2020

December 1, 2020
KNOW Identity Digital Forum 2020

We’re excited to be a part of the KNOW Identity Digital Forum conference for the second time. It’s always a pleasure to attend a leading event for digital identity, trust, and the data economy.

You’ll get to KNOW our AI-powered products and learn how Microblink products bring added value to the existing identity solutions.

We are aware of the effort, time, and money that goes into remote user onboarding and registration. The first impression that customers get has a long and lasting impact on their future relationships with your business or service. That’s when our two intelligent data extraction solutions come as a perfect addition. User registration usually begins with filling out the registration form with personal data from the ID.

BlinkID transforms that process by replacing manual typing of ID data with a quick scan by a phone or web camera. Automated data extraction from ID’s makes registration, verification & KYC more simple, fast, and accurate. All scanning is in real-time, with high quality and on-device processing. BlinkID uses autoclassification for identity & travel documents from over 400 countries worldwide. After filling out the personal information, there is, almost always, the need to enter payment card data.

Our payment card scanner, BlinkCard, helps in speeding up on-line checkout and payment. Typing in long card numbers is something that users don’t particularly like or enjoy. We’re replacing that process with a quick camera scan of the card. BlinkCard doesn’t just extract the card number but also the card holder’s name, IBAN, expiration date, and CVV number. In that way, we’re altering the process from boring and slow to quick and fun. A couple of days ago, we released BlinkCard v2 — take a peek at the latest features here.

Our two products come as off-the-shelf solutions that cover all data extraction from the personal documents & payment cards in your application. Both BlinkID and BlinkCard are already a part of the major verification and biometric solutions, creating great UX worldwide. 

Register for free to hear a panel about remote onboarding starring Izet Ždralović and Pranav Khanna (Capital One) at 12:50 PM EDT and right after that at 01:20 PM EDT tune in for the demonstration of BlinkID by Jurica Cerovec.

Did we catch your attention? Tell us all about your use case here

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