Try Identity Verification at Singapore Fintech Festival

October 25, 2022
Try Identity Verification at Singapore Fintech Festival

Ni hao Singapore! We’re happy to return to the global financial and tech industry center from Nov 2 – Nov 4, 2022

The seventh edition of the Singapore FinTech Festival brings together over 60,000 participants from over 160 countries to exchange knowledge and experiences from the fintech world. All fintech companies have in common is digital customer onboarding and optimizing the experience while keeping their service safe. We’re coming to Singapore to help companies achieve that fast and easy onboarding with fully-automated identity verification. 

Identity Verification, with the power of AI, enables users to prove their identity by scanning their IDs and taking a selfie. In that way, fintech companies can remotely onboard anyone, anywhere in the world, and gain peace of mind knowing their users are who they claim to be. Besides being sure who’s signing up for a service, it’s important to know whether the identity document of a person who’s signing up is authentic.

Document Verification can tackle that problem – a solution that recognizes fake documents. For example – if the document is a photocopy, has missing security features or if a person is scanning a screen with an image of the document instead of holding the real document in their hand. These are only a few examples of types of fraudulent documents people can use to verify their identity. Combining those two solutions brings peace and security to fintech companies and their customers while keeping the user experience undisrupted.

If this sounds like something that would enhance the UX in your onboarding process, stop by our booth and try identity and ID verification right in the palm of your hand.

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