Microblink is joining the frontlines: Free BlinkID for COVID-19 relief

April 27, 2020
Microblink is joining the frontlines: Free BlinkID for COVID-19 relief

When trying times push us apart, we need to come together and give back to the community.

Here at Microblink, we have been playing our part in containing the growing COVID-19 pandemic by offering our flagship product — BlinkID — free of charge to eligible organizations. This is for all the heroes who have replaced their capes with face masks.

If you’re a non-profit, public healthcare, or government organization dedicated to helping the vulnerable amid the crisis, thank you. Reach out to us if you’d like to integrate BlinkID within your mobile or web application.

What can you do with BlinkID? You can instantly capture personal information from over 400 identity documents in the world, securely, accurately, and in a split second. The data never leaves your app and the document itself never changes hands, thus ensuring a contactless interaction and peace of mind. 

BlinkID is already making a real difference in stopping the spread on a global scale. In the South Sumatra province of Indonesia, we’re supporting police officers who are performing public checks in order to stem the outbreak. The mobile app, developed by a local university, will see officers scan the Indonesian e-ID before assessing whether the person belongs to an ODP (Insider Monitoring) or (PDP) Patient Under Supervision category. We’re supporting similar policing efforts in Panama.

In the UK, BlinkID is used to register volunteers who are buying food for the elderly and vulnerable. In Dubai, to register those who are delivering medicine. There are others who are using our technology to suppress the virus, but we want to do more.  

Whether you use it to onboard volunteers, treat patients, deliver medicine, or lend a helping hand in any other way, BlinkID is bound to accelerate and improve your efforts, and we can’t wait to join forces. 

To get started, please tell us what you’re doing to mitigate the crisis. We’ll make sure you’re set up with the right license key and ready to fly off and save the world.

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The offer, valid for qualifying non-profit organizations, is active until the virus subsides. All submissions will be subject to careful scrutiny.

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