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Microblink ― over 12 billion scanned

October 4, 2022
Microblink ― over 12 billion scanned

Read about our ‘best practices,’ including the many nuances of global ID verification

What do you get when you scan over 2,000 ID types across 138 countries? 

Insights. And more insights. 

In our report, “Best Practices in Digital Identity Verification,” we share the valuable learnings and unique distinctions that arise from processing over 12 billion identity documents. 

After years of scanning and extracting data from various documents (driver’s licenses, passports, and beyond), we like to consider ourselves experts on the topic. What do we mean by that? For one, it’s developing an understanding of various ID updates and nuances ― whether it’s Australia using stickers for address changes or Mexico having 250 different types of valid driver’s licenses.

Want the TL;DR version of the report? Download our infographic.

More than that, the data we’ve compiled from processing billions of IDs allows us to address the pain points of organizations moving toward digital-first user experiences. Not only do they have to account for countless ID types in their onboarding and KYC processes, they also have to provide a frictionless user experience on the other end. 

In addition to ID insights, our report includes the top five features for a best-in-class user experience in identity document scanning: keeping instructions short and sweet, not asking for too many complex actions, not requiring users to have perfect execution, the need for speed, and delivering the same experience no matter what device a customer is using.

Last but not least, the report also includes valuable learnings about creating an optimal developer experience ― when ultimately integrating Microblink into your platform. 

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