Money 20/20 Europe, Amsterdam

June 4, 2018
Money 20/20 Europe, Amsterdam

We’re excited to be exhibiting at Money 20/20 Europe in Amsterdam! Meet us at the booth B120 to experience the magic of mobile OCR in real life.

  • Our portfolio has changed a bit since we were at Money 20/20 Europe in Copenhagen. Here’s what we’re bringing to Amsterdam this June:
    • BlinkID – we are strengthening our position in new markets by continuously adding support for more kinds of documents. You can try it out yourself with the free demo app, available for iOS and Android.
    • BlinkReceipt – our newest product enables intelligent insight into consumer purchases by enabling scanning of retail receipts. BlinkReceipt is a unique solution on the market as it runs OCR locally on mobile device, scales infinitely, and is the most cost-effective way to collect consumer purchase data. Out of many various use-cases, e.g. in cashback market or market research, it has great potential in personal finance management solutions as well.

If you would like to try real-time scanning yourself, come visit us on one of the biggest events for the payments & financial services industry at booth B120. If you still haven’t registered for the event, you can do so on the site and use the code MICROBLINK200 to get a $200 discount on the current ticket price!

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