Money20/20 Europe, Amsterdam

June 3, 2019
Money20/20 Europe, Amsterdam

For the fifth time in the row, we are taking part in one of the biggest fintech events in Europe – Money20/20. Meet us at booth H91 for a live demo of our newest data extraction tech!

After successful participation at Money20/20 events throughout several years, we are once again bringing the latest of our proprietary data extraction tech to Amsterdam.

New BlinkID features

BlinkID is our most used intelligent data extraction software for identity documents, which replaced complicated forms with instant personal data input via phone camera. All the user has to do is point the camera at the ID document, and all data is captured real-time with high precision, in less than a second.

Recently, we have introduced improvements to BlinkID: while previously the user had to preselect the type of identity document to scan, we have now developed intelligent autodetection of ID type and country. We have also upgraded UX with AR instructions during the data extraction process.

New product launch: BlinkCard

We are excited to announce our brand new product, BlinkCard.

BlinkCard saves users from the nuisance of typing in long bank card numbers by enabling fast, real-time scanning of credit and bank cards. It extracts data from virtually any payment card, embossed or printed, with various backgrounds and layouts.

BlinkCard is the result of our latest advances in proprietary machine learning research and development. We’ve developed it as a mobile SDK or Web API, easily integrated into any existing app or website. As such, it’s a great UX upgrade for any retail or e-commerce service that turns the part of the customer journey with usually high abandonment rates into an easy and fun step for users.

Diving into multi-channel

Over time, we have evolved from a mobile-first approach in development to a user-centered approach, which enables feature parity and the same level of supreme performance across all platforms. Both BlinkID and BlinkCard are available as mobile SDKs or Web APIs that enable instant and accurate data extraction in mobile apps and in browser.

With real-time and on-device processing, our solutions are a perfect fit for countless industries which need a scalable solution for digital onboarding, such as hotel or airport check-in, remote KYC for banking & insurance providers, user registration in ridesharing apps, prepaid user registration in telcos, e-wallets, online shopping, and many other.

Sounds interesting?

Join us in Amsterdam for a live demo of Microblink’s top-notch technology. Schedule a meeting or just stop by our booth H91 to discover the potential of powerful computer vision for your enterprise.

Want to see our products in action?

There are plenty of ways you can try out BlinkID or BlinkCard – and they’re all free.

Download the BlinkID demo app on iOS or Android.

Explore all products and various use cases in our free Microblink Vision app. Get it on iOS or Android.

You can also try the mobile SDKs & Web APIs and see how they would work as part of your app or website, by registering on our Developers site.

For any questions, please contact our team below. We’d love to have a chat with you.

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