MWC Barcelona 2020

February 24, 2020
MWC Barcelona 2020

UPDATE: The GSMA has canceled MWC Barcelona 2020 because of the global health concern.

MWC is a place that feels like home, no matter the location. This is our fourth time flying to magical Barcelona to be a part of MWC.

We’re visiting the world’s largest conference for the mobile industry to showcase our latest AI-powered mobile products. This year you can find us at the Digital Planet hall. Place where experts on ad tech, eCommerce and communication bring solutions that will positively impact citizens’ daily lives. 

Microblink will be a part of the MWC Topic Tours. You can visit us as a part of the Transformative AI Tour chapter. A unique tour where you can see a demo of our products right at our booth. Make sure you register on time.

We’re known for our SDKs and web APIs that elevate user experience in various mobile and web services. Also, our expertise expands on computer and mobile vision, as well as linking physical documents with modern mobile apps. In Barcelona, you will have a chance to see and try our off-the-shelf solutions, BlinkID and BlinkCard. Microblink’s straightforward, plug and play products.

BlinkID is an intelligent data extraction solution for identity documents. Imagine your customers starting their customer journey with one simple scan by a phone camera. Yes, we’re making it happen. With this powerful tool, eKYC or various user registration processes become seamless and secure. BlinkID performs autoclassification on more than 500 document types. Witness the BlinkID speed and accuracy powered by AI in the video below.

Our BlinkCard, payment card scanner, enables fast and secure entry of payment data. BlinkCard enables customers to use the camera of their device to scan and capture card data in real-time quickly. With our product, you can turn the nuisance of typing long bank card numbers into a fun and easy process for your customers. 

Both of our solutions are easily integrated into any onboarding process. Also, they are compatible with all major verification or biometric solutions. Besides, BlinkID and BlinkCard enable data extraction and processing entirely on-device. Without including any Internet or server connection. In other words, sensitive information never leaves your app.

Sounds intriguing? Schedule a meeting with our experts in MWC Barcelona. In that way, you can get all the answers regarding our products. Find out how can we help in elevating your business and UX. We’re looking forward to meeting you.

Integrate ID verification into your existing application