On the first day, within The Branch Transformation Puzzle section, Microblink’s co-founder Izet Ždralović will be speaking about enhancing user experience in mobile banking apps with mobile vision software. The main focus will be on increasing the number of mobile transactions as the result of simplified mobile customer onboarding by eliminating manual data entry.

The 14th Annual Retail Banking Forum is an excellent opportunity for us to show our newest solution, BlinkID Verify. It features a three-step process: ID scan done with BlinkID, and liveness test and face match done with an integrated biometrics solution. These three steps combined provide a reliable way to confirm the user’s identity to remotely access bank and financial services.

In the banking industry, Microblink has been most widely known for PhotoPay, a mobile SDK that enables the easiest way to pay bills. Nowadays, the use of our mobile OCR has spread across many more industries and use-cases: from scanning personal documents to checks, VINs, IBAN numbers, invoices, receipts, and more.

About Microblink

Microblink is an R&D company focused on machine vision technology for mobile devices. Standing on the frontier of computer science, we use most advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques to provide the fastest and most accurate text recognition using smartphone camera.