Fintech is a growing industry formed by companies that are using technology and technological innovations in order to improve current financial services. Fintech ecosystem includes several areas, such as: payments and transfers, security, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and alike, insurance, loans and finance, retail banking, wealth and asset management.

In order to promote innovation for faster and simple user experience in fintech mobile apps, Microblink prepared proprietary software solutions specialised for machine vision on mobile devices. With the hack “Typing is out - let’s OCR!” Teams can use SDKs for OCR on mobile devices for variety of use cases, from reading payment slips and barcodes scanning personal documents, IBAN number, invoices and receipts… Two mentors from Microblink will be at the hackathon. Software engineers Ivan Grce and Igor Smolkovič will be supporting programmers in integration of OCR.

Besides Microblink, hackathon partners are several other fintech and start-up companies and banks: SKB & Nova KBM, Bitstamp, Halcom Plačila, and a corporation in search of a new solution: Atlantic Grupa.

Fintech Hackathon is a project that Halcom has successfully organized last year for the first time, with the vision of becoming the biggest fintech event in the region. The goal of the Fintech Hackathon is to establish sustainable partnerships with banks, companies, start-ups, and organizations that are involved in the fintech industry and believe in the power of technological Innovation.

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