The forum will be an excellent opportunity to show the most recent advances in the development of our popular product for mobile banking apps, PhotoPay, and our ID card scanner, BlinkID.

More than 40 European banks have implemented PhotoPay and provided customers with a great experience where manual data entry is replaced by a smartphone camera. A case study showed that mobile banking users increased by 160% and the number of transactions increased by 100% in only 3 years after having launched PhotoPay. Recently, a bank in Serbia won an acknowledgment for their mobile banking app - in large part due to the PhotoPay feature.

Text recognition (OCR) in mobile apps can be helpful in eliminating manual data entry and thereby simplifying user engagement. Nowadays, mobile OCR has a wide usage across industries, from scanning personal documents to checks, VINs, IBAN numbers, TOP UP, SIM cards, invoices, retail receipts, boarding passes...

If you would like to have a chat about potential use-cases of our technology and see how it works live, stop by our booth in the Banking Technology Solutions Innovation Area. Looking forward seeing you in Amsterdam! You can find more info about the event here.