Along with the successful development and showcase of Blinkreceipt, a solution for data extraction from retail receipts, our research and development team turned to new challenges in building the fastest and the most accurate data extraction solutions.

We have been working on various improvements, particularly on our most popular product, BlinkID. We added a new platform for data extraction from identity documents with a brand new Web API, making BlinkID the ultimate multichannel solution for remote user onboarding. We continued to refine the user experience in data entry and introduced brand new features for complete elimination of all friction from the data entry process, which we will show on the Finovate stage for the first time ever!

Our dedication to developing supreme UX across all platforms and supporting new documents has made BlinkID a reliable solution which reduces operating costs and removes friction from the customer journey. It is used as the first step in telco user registration, hotel or airport check-in, visitor and access management, KYC, e-wallet registration, or any process featuring remote identity verification. It is also the perfect solution for back-office use cases for processing a large number of documents at once.

We’re excited to present the latest advances in our technology once again at Finovate. If you haven't booked your ticket yet, be sure to save your spot with our 20% discount code: FKV2349FEUT by registering here. Feel free to contact us beforehand to discuss how our data extraction solutions can be tailored to your business needs and transform the customer experience for your users. We are excited to meet you!