We're excited to be at Barcelona MWC once again! 

Being the world's largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry, MWC Barcelona brings together the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology from world-leading companies.

Talking about innovation and new technology — we’re bringing Microblink Identity Suite with us. Our Document and Identity Verification remove the unknown variable from your relationship with the customer. 

Let's take an onboarding process as an example. Users scan their identity documents. Our Document Verification does several checks that tell if the document is present and real. After that, users need to take a selfie that gets compared to the image from the already checked document. If the person who owns the document is the one taking a selfie, you've got yourself a verified user. And yes, it's that easy for both you and your users. 

But this is only the sneakiest of the peekiest previews. To get the whole picture visit us at Hall 7, booth 7A1. Our team will be happy to do a live demo and talk about your needs and wants.

Stay tuned for more information about panels, demos and talks featuring your favorite AI company Microblink.