We’re coming to Las Vegas to the premier identity, trust, and data economy event in the world to showcase intelligent data extraction solutions that empower digital identity and payment processes for many businesses.

At Microblink, we like to think of every step of the customer journey as an opportunity to convince, engage, and most importantly, form trust with users. We believe that data extraction technology built on machine learning has great potential in that it not only eliminates friction from various business processes, but also provides a seamless, yet dynamic experience for users.

At KNOW, we’ll be showcasing BlinkID, intelligent data extraction software for identity documents which replaced complicated forms with real-time personal data input via mobile or web camera. All the user has to do is point the camera at the ID document, and all data is captured real-time with high precision, in less than a second.

Scanning and extraction are done offline and on-device, which enables enterprises to have complete control over deciding how to handle the information from the security point of view. BlinkID is available as a mobile SDK or Web API and is compatible with all verification or biometric solutions. Together with other puzzle pieces, they enable easy and secure registration with virtually no effort on the user’s side in various use cases: mobile/e-KYC, e-wallet registration, online shopping, telco user registration, visitor check-in, and many other.

A little heads up - in our product demo, we’ll also show our newest and most advanced solution yet, which will change the face of service and engagement in retail & e-commerce industry.

Want to see our technology in action?

There are several things you can do:
Take a look at our BlinkID demo video, or try it yourself for free on any platform!
BlinkID demo app is available for free for iOS and Android. You can also try real-time ID scanning in-browser with our free Web API demo.

Want to join us?

Explore KNOW 2019 and register using our discount code MICROBLINK20 for 20% off the current price here.
To learn how computer vision can help elevate your business, explore other Microblink solution and get in touch to book a meeting at the meeting pod #220. See you in Vegas!