Earlier this year in Copenhagen we had the opportunity to introduce our world-class OCR (optical character recognition) technology to a number of different businesses. It was an excellent event to talk about our software development kits, specially developed to extract data from ID cards, receipts or unstructured invoices and to show how they work on the spot.

Over 300 customers worldwide are now using our technology for various purposes. Use-case list is quite long: in the airline industry our technology is used for scanning boarding passes and identity documents; in hospitality it’s used for mobile check-in; Telcos use it for SIM registration and TOP UP; in the automotive industry it’s used for scanning VIN and license plates; in healthcare for medical cards; and financial institutions use it for scanning standardized payment slips or free-form documents.

In Las Vegas we are bringing the latest and the greatest from our mobile vision portfolio:

Want to see our technology in action? You’re welcome at our booth 542 to try different demo applications!