BlinkID API has actually been live for quite some time but in beta version. In the past few months, we’ve worked on its complete makeover with the goal of bringing the tool for seamless user onboarding to the web. BlinkID Web API now offers significantly better UX and results for clients.

What does the Web API bring to the table?

No app needed. It would be great to have your app installed on every device of each of your users and enable a well-controlled user experience that only native apps can provide. However, sometimes installing a mobile app can be too much of an inconvenience for users if it’s not meant for continuous daily use. For some services, it’s not even a matter of inconvenience, they might not require an app at all. What if we promised you the same kind of control and the native-like UX, but without that extra step of app installation? BlinkID web API does exactly that: it enables instantaneous data capture from identity documents in browsers, using both web or mobile camera.

Great speed & performance. Being a mobile-first solution provider, performance in terms of processing speed has always been paramount for all our products. This hasn’t changed with the introduction of a server solution. We leveraged the power of back-end to enable larger machine learning models to do better data extraction but kept the processing time as short as in our on-device SDKs. In other words, you can expect the Web API to give you the results in a few seconds. Quite convenient for processing documents in real time or in large batches.

Seamless UX across all devices. We didn’t just package our mobile SDK into a shiny wrapper and call it web. We acknowledged the challenges that come with the web: there are more things that could go wrong and the feedback for users needs to be tailored differently. We truly reinvented the existing BlinkID experience for the web, with the focus on consistent user experience across a variety of devices.

Simple and customizable integration. As with our mobile products, BlinkID Web API is a plug&play solution design to suit many different use cases. You can customize as much as you want, depending on your needs and the required integration level. If you want a quick build and avoid maintenance work, you can use our API. In case you want more control over the data and the whole process, we suggest using the on-premise API.

Who is it made for?

BlinkID Web API is easily customizable and scalable. It can be added as a scanning functionality to any desktop or mobile website. It is also useful in the back-office processes for scanning documents that come from other sources (such as email).

It’s a solution that speeds up business processes, removes inefficiencies, and saves time and money in various use cases, for example:

  • increased success rates of remote KYC processes;
  • faster sign-up processes for insurance, telco, loan programs, e-wallets, etc.;
  • streamlined credit scoring processes;
  • and many other.

Get started

Feel free to try BlinkID Web API inside your existing service. To see how real-time data capture works in browsers, try out our free demo.


If you would like to know more, get in touch with our sales team. They will gladly discuss the potential of our brand new platform for your business.