Consumers want access to banking and financial services at any time and any place through their mobile devices. With help of machine vision software, Microblink easily surpasses the obstacle of manual data entry and enables the best user experience in mobile apps.

We are currently developing BlinkID Verify: a software that includes complete ID scanning, liveness detection, and face matching between the photo on the ID and a selfie. Due to advanced methods for face matching, the Verify feature of blinkID provides a reliable way to confirm the user’s identity to remotely access financial services while minimizing fraud risk. The main advantage of BlinkID is that it operates offline, which ensures that sensitive customer data remains on the device only.

Technology for enabling a true digital banking experience should make the transactions easy, onboarding fast, interface seamless and beautiful with a user-centric approach. Today, mobile vision technology is ready to deal with such challenges. Why not use a smartphone camera to read data from checks, invoices and other payment slips for quick data input, or to scan IDs for KYC process?

Microblink’s advanced technology required years of AI-based research and development and now it’s available as a component which can be easily integrated into all sorts of mobile or web apps and digital services to eliminate manual data input.