Last year was very fruitful and we wrote about our many achievements in this news. One of the most significant changes happened in the field of research, where we shifted from traditional text recognition to a deep-learning approach. Our research team is busy designing a custom-made machine learning system for OCR and is continuously working on new models of state-of-the-art neural networks. The development team, meanwhile, is making sure that the new DeepOCR runs fast on mobile devices while at the same time requiring only minimal memory. With these developments, DeepOCR will soon become an integral part of all our SDKs meaning a lot more new product features are on the way!

However, in order to be able to support the new features and DeepOCR in our products, we need to change the existing API for our mobile SDKs. Hence, we need to implement a major change in the licensing subsystem with the backward-incompatible change of the API and the new license key formats.

Since this is the biggest change we’ve made in the past five years, we have created a special blog post for developers to gain a better understanding of these changes. We are aware that the change may require additional development effort on integration, so we will provide support for integrators at every stage of the development. Again, we would like to point out the importance of this change and invite developers to read the following blog in full.

Reading time: 25-35 min