BlinkID for Malaysian market enables users to scan all the information from the front side of the national ID which includes full name, address, date of birth, sex, and National Registration Identity Card Number. This is also the only SDK on the Malaysian market that enables scanning of the front side of the ID card with great user experience.

BlinkID unites two of the most important features that every scanning solution should offer - speed and accuracy. BlinkID scans data in real time in only a few seconds, and at the same time it offers a high level of accuracy. Namely, users are required to validate the scanned data, which assures almost 100% accuracy. Since scanning is done locally, on the mobile device, BlinkID works without Internet connection and personal data never leaves the customer’s app.

Check out a real-life video of how simply data can be transferred from an ID to a mobile app:

The custom-made, real-time mobile OCR described above is a revolution in the Malaysian market. It is applicable to various industries - from tourism and hospitality, government agencies and security to banking and financial industry.

Use of BlinkID technology in mobile apps can substantially improve user experience by:

  • speeding up the mobile sign-up process by as much as 10 times
  • speeding up and increasing the number of mobile purchases for 200%
  • cutting down the friction of abandonment of filling up online forms (currently over 60% of them are abandoned due to poor customer experience, mainly time-consuming manual data entry)
  • transferring data input from desks/employees to customers on their mobile/tablet devices - better user experience while cutting costs

If you find these advantages attractive (who wouldn’t?) and feel inspired to improve your business with advanced, but user-friendly OCR solutions, feel free to explore our products and use-cases, or contact us below if you have any questions!