About the challenge

The goal of the Fintech Hackathon was establishment of sustainable partnerships with banks, companies, start-ups and organizations which are involved with the fintech industry and believe in power of technological innovation.

There were 7 hack challenges which involved banks (SKB and Nova KBM), domestic and foreign start-ups in the financial industry (Bitstamp, Microblink, Halcom Payments), companies operating in finance (Halcom CA), and companies who are interested in fintech solutions (Atlantic Grupa). The expert commission was most impressed with the ZeroPass team from Slovenia consisting of members Luka Perčič Nejc Žerjal and Crt Vavroš, and they received the main prize!

In order to promote innovation for faster and simple user experience in fintech mobile applications, Microblink prepared proprietary software solutions specialised for machine vision on mobile devices. With the hack "Typing is out, let’s OCR!" teams could use SDKs for OCR on mobile devices for a variety of use-cases, from reading payment slips and barcodes to scanning personal documents, IBAN numbers, invoices and receipts…

Two of Microblink's software engineers attended the hackathon as mentors, Ivan Grce and Igor Smolkovič. They provided support and advice for programmers with integration of OCR.

The winners of the individual challenges were:

  • SKB: Robo advising | David and Goliaths (Serbia) | David Vuletic, Nikola Todorovic, Dimitrije Jankov and Dragan Vidakovic
  • Nova KBM: Widget Banking | Bano Studios (Slovenia) | Klemen Krulec, Urban Marovt
  • Hal mBills: Hal mBills and IoT | GameChangers (Serbia and Turkey) | Mehmet Sencer Karadayı, Dusan Stankovic, Nikola Đuza, Branko Gvoka
  • Bitstamp: clairvoyant | R3D3 (Slovenia) | Slavica Suman, Klemen Forstnerič, Črtomir Majer, Lovro Mažgon
  • Microblink: Typing is out, let's OCR! | Diesel Vešmašina (Croatia) | Josip Kvakarić, Ivan Orehovec, Stjepan Močilac, Lora Žuliček
  • Montana (Atlantic Grupa): Chat to order | Bot-anics (Slovenia) | George Zidar, Ales Sladič
  • Halcom CA: Dig Cloud Signing | Ichnusa (Slovenia) | Blaz Artač Luka Košenina, Dean Kostomaj, Tim Resins
  • Best Team Spirit | Drop_Table (Serbia) | Marko Jovanović, Stefan Milutinović, Djordje Petrovic, Zeljko Šević

Hackathons are always fun to be part of and we're happy to have participated in this one.

You can find more information and photos here.