Let’s give it up for the latest BlinkInput update — we take great pride and joy in making our products better with every release.

BlinkInput mobile SDK is one of our most diverse solutions, providing the ability to scan and extract data from a broad range of documents. Use it to enter any data with a quick scan — from IBAN to VIN, the data is digitized and on your screen in a second. Convert any mobile camera into a powerful scanning device with BlinkInput. 

In the latest release, we’ve added the Document Capture feature. It enables your users to upload any physical document (Proof of Address documents, Social Security number cards, insurance documents, banking documents, etc.) as a cropped high-resolution image in a blink. 

BlinkInput is often combined with other Microblink solutions. It’s paired with BlinkID for use cases in which customers have to give their personal information and upload multiple documents.

Take loan origination, one of the first steps of the process is to enter personal data and provide additional proof of identity. BlinkID and BlinkInput together boost user experience by simplifying those steps. With two swift scans, BlinkID extracts data from the identity card while BlinkInput captures any physical document. And all that is happening right in your mobile application.

Try the Document Capture feature in your app by visiting our for developers page and choosing between native or cross-platform development framework for BlinkInput SDK. If you don’t have an app or you want to test Document Capture right away, download our free demo app Microblink Vision. It’s a showcase app that contains all the latest versions of our products available for download from App store, Google Play and AppGallery.