About Photopay

PhotoPay is Microblink’s first product launched onto the European market 4 years ago. As a software development kit, it enables an excellent UX upgrade in a great number of mobile banking apps by simplifying payment data input. It uses world-class OCR (optical character recognition) technology to capture information from payment slips with a mobile camera, thereby eliminating manual data input.


Besides the ability to extract data by scanning payment slips in whole, PhotoPay offers a field-by-field scanning option. It enables quick and precise data extraction from unstructured invoices, even from payment forms like SME invoices, by choosing different fields to be scanned separately. The main advantages of PhotoPay are that it works in real-time locally on device, and it can be customized to fit any app design and become completely invisible to the end-user.


Data extraction feature is attracting more and more financial institutions and developers who are seeking to improve the mobile user experience within their apps. One of our case studies showed that after PhotoPay implementation, the number of mobile banking users increased by 160% and the number of transactions increased by 100 times in less than a year. Recently, a European bank operating in 5 different markets won an acknowledgment for their mobile banking app in large part due to PhotoPay feature. More than 40 renowned European banks have recognized the value PhotoPay provides in improving UX for their users.

About Microblink

At Microblink, we are focused on research and development of mobile vision technology. Standing on the frontier of computer science and we use the most advanced neural networks and deep learning techniques to provide the fastest and the most accurate text recognition by using a smartphone camera. We make typing a thing of the past!