Once upon a time...

Let’s go back a couple of years to the very beginnings. Back in 2012, Microblink was known by a different name - Photopay, and the main focus was to eliminate manual data entry from mobile apps, particularly payment data. As our team was growing, so were our aspirations, so we took on a mission to look for more opportunities where manual data entry can be eliminated, in order to improve UX in mobile apps and make business processes more efficient. This led to the development of a range of products we offer today: BlinkID, BlinkInput, BlinkReceipt, PDF417, with more on the way! Over 300 customers worldwide are using these products in a variety of industries: hospitality, finance, telecommunications, healthcare, government, and other.

About the new visual identity

Our technology is progressing rapidly and we’ve taken mobile vision to the next level, powered by machine learning. Our research team designs state-of-the-art neural networks, and our development team ensures that they run fast with minimal memory requirements. Hence, it’s time to put on a fresh new look more in line with our solutions and to show our dedication and high ambition to be the best in mobile OCR.

Our new logo brings together two different elements: crosshairs and star symbols. While the crosshairs represent precision and accuracy of our technology, the star (or the blink) symbolizes quality, excellence, and speed.

We wanted our slogan to reflect our dedication to innovation and quality, as well as the direction we are headed in the future. We are searching for innovative ways to deliver the fastest and most accurate text recognition for our clients, with the goal of improving UX for the app users. On top of that, through continuous innovation, we are also looking past the current trends in the industry and striving to solve not only the problems of today but also those of tomorrow.

We hope you like the new design! We are very excited about the new look and what the future holds for us.

New brand identity created by joint efforts of Manasteriotti DS and copywriters Kitica Kekić and Maja Benčić.