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Our philosophy

We are carefully building a team of passionate, diverse and talented people. We believe the best results are achieved working in small teams that tightly collaborate together. We are proud of our achievements and we want to grow our team with top-notch individuals who will help us bring our top-notchness to the next level.

In the spotlight: Making a case for vim


This is part one in our two-part blog on vim, a modal text editor optimized to perform the tasks you as a programmer will be doing a lot. Written with ❤️ by the Tools and Software Infrastructure (TSI) team at Microblink. 

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Meet our teams


Researching the field of computer vision and machine learning by combining the latest trends with our own innovations.


We develop fast, reliable and scalable computer vision products for mobile and web which are used by more than 100 million users worldwide.


Ensuring data quantity and quality for neural network models’ training.


We provide the best possible customer experience to our growing network of business partners and customers.

Marketing and Design

Creating the face of Microblink and the experience for partners, customers, developers, and users. Working closely with other teams to align communication and promotion across all channels.

Human Resources

Providing support for achieving company strategy through all aspects of human resources management.

Finance and Administration

Ensuring efficient operating support through monitoring the financial performance of the company, managing multiple tax and EU project cases as well as providing administrative help and establishing new processes.


Defining legal framework to support business relations with our customers and partners and acting as an advisory hub to make sure Microblink’s legal operations run smoothly.

Initiatives we organize or support

If you have any questions regarding initiatives we organize or support, send us a mail at human.resources@microblink.com.

Students associations & competitions

In the fields of mobile app development, data science and machine learning. Proud sponsor and mentor to AppStart, Mozgalo, AI Battleground, TVZ Mobile challenge, Elektrijada, etc.

Students summer practice

Each year giving the opportunity to students to gain hands-on knowledge from our teams. Usually, summer practice turns into throughout the year student job with full-time employment upon graduation.


Proud sponsor and mentor on events like Novathon, 2nd Adriatic Fintech hackathon, etc.

STEM initiatives

Supporting the IRIM - Croatian makers, Young mathematicians summer camp, Young talented mathematicians “Marin Getaldic”, etc.

Collaboration with Croatian faculties

A graduate thesis on Microblink topics, guest lectures on several faculties, sponsorship of Josip Lončar students excellence award, etc. 

Supporting other causes

Supporting organizations and causes that we believe are trying to do good things such as sci.hr, Krijesnica, etc.