Microblink is a team of top industry experts and curious minds who explore, learn, discuss, and work closely together to create the most advanced AI products.

Our tech might be invisible, but we make sure that people in our team aren’t.

HR and Organizational Development team has a mission to connect the business needs with the needs of the employees, by enabling the culture of trust, transparency, and togetherness that we want to consciously nurture. The principle of “good measure and balance” is the key in leading organizational and personal development in Microblink. The other principle we follow is “give enough time and patience to talk, agree and coordinate”.

Regarding organizational development, we balance organic growth and a digitalized approach. In the past 3 years, we have carefully and intentionally transformed Microblink from a start-up to a mature organization. We kept the values that are typical for a start-up surrounding (enthusiasm, includement, agility, courage, creativity, authenticity) and developed ways of a mature company (clarity, strategic approach, scaling, efficiency, new knowledge).

Today, in the middle of 2021, we are very satisfied with our patient, “gardening” approach to fast growth. We are still growing, at the same fast pace, and we nurture Microblink's stable development in cycles, smart, and with ease.

In order to maintain our unique approach to People, Culture and Workplace, we are looking for a passionate Specialist to join our vibrant team in developing the People beyond Microblink.

If you join our team, you will:

  • Provide stability and clarity in organizational growth and functioning
  • Provide fast and accurate information towards smart and data-driven decision making related to People
  • Create sustainable career ladders and seniority levels to support the growth of people, teams, and organization as a whole
  • Preserve an Organizational structure that is both stable and modular, while driving transformation when needed
  • Measure People initiatives and activities, and ROI behind those
  • Conduct and upgrade processes, create and maintain systems
  • Bring a unified methodology, statistic and logical interpretation towards future initiatives and activities, in form of Research and Surveys
  • Measuring engagement and satisfaction, exploring and implementing tools 
  • Participate in planning, controlling, and reporting of expenses and ROI (automatization is a must)


Needed qualifications for this position: 

  • 3+ years of experience in the position of HR Specialist, HR Generalist, or similar
  • A systematic approach to solving problems
  • Desire and drive to improve existing processes and set up new ones, in a systematic and sustainable way
  • Experience in leading small to medium projects independently
  • Proven track record working on 
    • establishing, tracking, and improving compensation and benefits systems
    • creating, maintaining, and improving organizational structure by creating job descriptions, career ladders, and competencies
  • Ability to see what’s important and prioritize so everything is finished when it needs to be
  • Proactivity in the field of expertise
  • Ability to look at the big picture
  • High standards of professional ethics and discretion
  • Outstanding command of spoken and written English


Here’s what we bring to the table

  • An opportunity to learn and develop your skills in the fast and smart-growing tech company through:
    • Direct mentorship - we make sure everyone constantly grows, and we will provide you with guidance and support from more experienced team leaders
    • Knowledge sharing and internal educations, both expert and wider knowledge
    • Dedicated time for personal growth and adopting new skills
    • Dedicated budget for professional development
    • Attending the world’s top conferences (e.g. HR Days, HR Summit, HR Congres…)
    • Online and live courses
    • The internal library that keeps growing, based on our needs and interests
  • An opportunity to build your own competency development plan together with your peers
  • An opportunity to work in a motivated, open-minded team that cherishes new ideas and initiatives
  • A culture that recognizes and rewards success, and is not afraid to try, fail and learn from the mistakes
  • We are sports enthusiasts, so if you are one too, you can run with us, hike to the mountains or you can use your Multisport card to play any other sport :)
  • We take special care of our parent-team members by preparing personalized gifts and organizing cool events for their kids, we cover paid leave for parents and 100% paid sick leave for their kids
  • Although our team members like to spend time at work, we value their free time and guide them to spend their quality time off work as well
  • If you are a modern technology lover, we feel you. That’s why we offer you an additional individual budget for the equipment
  • Together with us, you will build extraordinary and future-oriented products for more than 200 million end-users with constant growth!
  • An opportunity to take a lead as a front-face in industry-specific networking events, talks, and panels