Oh, hello you who shall not be named!

If you are reading this, we believe you are curious enough to join our team. And curiosity is one of the values we cherish the most, here in Microblink.

Probably the first question that pops in your mind is, why don't we have a proper name for this position?

We are in the middle of the process of scaling our product-oriented company, and as always, we are exploring new ways, imagining the impossible, and playfully trying out imaginative solutions. So far we have implemented agile at the individual team level which was relatively easy, but now we need to extend this across multiple teams in a large team. In other words, we're now implementing agile at scale.

By wide scaling and growing our development teams, we are building an even more transparent and wise organizational structure through seniority levels and career ladders. Our vision and strategy are clear, and we're dedicated to achieving them. We put a lot of effort into exploring and testing what works best for us in an organizational sense. The next step will be putting it all into practice.

We have a pretty clear picture of the person we’re looking for - an experienced developer with an aspiration towards leadership. If the answer to the question “Where do you see yourself long-term?” is “I want to start taking responsibility for a team and eventually lead them”, you are the person for us. This position has an exact place on our career ladder, we’re just not completely sure about the precise name.


Our focus is primarily on the quality and making a long-lasting impact. That's why we need someone driven by a passion for technology and is interested in building proprietary systems that would support and sustain key processes and services in Microblink.

In the next few months - year, we are planning to expand this team by at least 100%, meaning you will lead a bigger team in the future. In our work, when encountering new possibilities, we're always looking at the bigger picture. This means you don't have to have previous experience as a leader or a similar role. We're looking for passion with a sip of potential.

You would engage in the project called Microblink Business Platform which is a set of services ensuring the best user experience for our clients and business departments, covering releases, sales, integration, support, and analysis.

If we managed to spark your interest, and you’d like to join us in this exciting phase, make sure to read more about this job description.