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Win new customers with Identity Verification

Let’s connect and expand your client base with AI-powered technology.

Win new customers with Identity Verification
Choose Microblink and get

Choose Microblink and get

New opportunities and revenue streams in the identity industry

AI-powered solutions that fit right into any industry or use case, confirmed by more than 38 million users worldwide

Flexible partnership models that give you the space to make the most out of identity and document verification

Deal registration and protection

All the support, resources and tools you need to succeed

Expand your offer

Leverage identity solutions in various ways


Develop and integrate

Your clients need identity software to onboard new customers? Whether you’re a Global System Integrator (GSI) or specialty integrator, we can help you create intelligent solutions across all industries.

Make it a part of your hardware or software

You want to verify customers but don’t want to burden your current flow? And you’re an OEM or ISV and looking for a way to take customer experience to another level? We’re here to help with our easy-to-integrate SDKs and APIs. 


Resale and distribute

You’re already talking to companies that could benefit from online customer verification and want to expand into new markets or enhance their existing footprint? If that’s a yes, then this one is for you.

Technology Alliance

Looking for a strong partner that fits your go-to-market strategy? Empower your story with cutting-edge technology made to fit any industry – Identity, Finance, Hospitality or E-commerce.

What our partners have to say

George Lee

”We take any partnership as a long-term commitment, which takes both sides to make it happen. Microblink has been very supportive of our market initiative and is flexible and fast to adapt to our needs. Working together, we are able to deliver and meet our customers’ expectations.”

CEO of Innov8tif
Merten Slominsky

”At Apporo, we found that Microblink not only provides the best-of-breed technology and engineering, which results in a fantastic product and solution for our joint customers, but also a great team of developers, engineers, sales, marketing, and management folks.”

CEO at Apporo
Robert Mihaljek

”Microblink is one of ASEE’s long-term partners, supporting us in improving customer experience in numerous digital banking projects we did together worldwide. Their unique tech and knowhow for applicable machine vision helped us do great things in areas of payments and digital identity.”

Sales Manager for International Markets, ASEE
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