Microblink Quiz

June 2, 2023
Microblink Quiz

Quiz enthusiasts at Microblink Zagreb finally got what they longed for – a unique Microblink knowledge quiz! πŸ’ͺ

To put the enthusiasm in perspective, we had: 22 teams, 100 competitors, 53 questions, and 3 prizes for our winners.Β 

The atmosphere blew us off. We cannot wait for the next round and another show-off! 🎯


Banking & Insurance β†’ Deliver a seamless onboarding experience to users around the world.
Travel β†’ Make travel arrangements smooth sailing with an excellent customer experience.
Government & Security β†’ Build robust security systems with intelligent data extraction software.
Telecommunications β†’ Interact with customers beyond voice using powerful machine learning solutions.
Sharing Economy β†’ Create stellar verification experiences and build trust in your community.
Retail & E-Commerce β†’ Create supreme personalized experiences in physical and online stores with instant data entry solutions.
Remote Identity Verification β†’ A frictionless way to verify users and their ID documents online.
Healthcare β†’ Track and manage patient data in real time with intelligent scanning solutions.
Agencies & System Integrators β†’ Upgrade customer experience with AI-powered solutions.
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