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The easier way to pay

Empower your app with a credit card scanner that works.


BlinkCard is a fast, simple and secure way to scan in payment information on mobile and web.

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UX that’s going places

An average checkout process has 15 form fields. No wonder two in three customers give it up. In a split second, BlinkCard accurately extracts and auto-fills payment data so that it’s typing that gets abandoned — not your cart.

BlinkCard - Simple

Technology in a class of its own

Powered by our proprietary mobile vision technology, BlinkCard works seamlessly on a wide range of credit and debit cards, including those with different backgrounds and embossed or etched numbers. All while keeping an outstanding level of accuracy and speed.

BlinkCard - Security

Security that’s ironclad by design

We are highly committed to keeping your customers' personal data secure at all times. BlinkCard works offline or on your own servers so that sensitive payment information always stays with you.