BlinkCard - Self-hosted API

Deploy and manage AI-driven credit card scanning on your own server infrastructure.

BlinkCard Self-hosted API is a backend component that can read more than 1,700 types of credit and debit cards from 12 major networks, including Visa and Mastercard.

To make the integration easier for you, we’ve containerized BlinkCard as a Docker Image so you can quickly get it up and running on your Linux, MacOS or Windows host. 

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Please note you’ll be tasked with acquiring credit card images and passing them over to BlinkCard for data extraction.

You can use Postman to send a base64 image of a credit card to one of our endpoints and see the kind of response we're returning. You’ll find the sample requests, as well as the integration guide for the API in the documentation below.

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Scan your credit card using the demo below to see how the API behind BlinkCard works. Even though the processing will happen on our servers, we will not store the actual image of your credit card in any way, shape or form.

Please open exchange link at the smartphone with QR reader.