BlinkID - ID scanning


Enable scanning of various identity documents in your app.


BlinkID SDK or WEB API is a great tool to improve user experience in apps.

Use it to scan and extract data from IDs, passports or driver licenses in just a few seconds time. It is easily integrated into any existing app.


BlinkID is our most popular product because it's a great tool to easily onboard or register users in mobile apps. It uses a mobile camera to scan IDs, driver's licenses, passports, work permits, visas, and other identity documents.


Supported documents:

  • all MRZ / MRTD (Machine Readable Travel Documents), most of the passports and numerous IDs
  • all identity cards and driver licenses with PDF417 barcode
  • full OCR on 30+ IDs and DLs 
BlinkID USA driver's license

USA, Canada and Latin America

BlinkID enables scanning and parsing of driver licenses of all of the states in the USA and Canada. From the front side of the license person's photo can be extracted if needed. BlinkID supports scanning of both sides of the Colombian ID and for other countries scanning of PDF417 barcode is enabled.

BlinkID Malaysian MyKad iKad MyTentera

Malaysian documents

Besides MyKad, we can scan and capture data from iKad, MyTentera, visas, work permits. From MyKad and iKad all data is extracted by performing full OCR (optical character recognition), whereas MRZ parsing is used for visas and work permits.

Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia

BlinkID supports scanning of both sides of Singaporean ID as well as the front side of IDs from Hong Kong and Indonesia. 

BlinkID capture image signature in results


  • Blazing fast scanning in real time
  • Works offline, locally on a device without Internet connection
  • High accuracy in extracting all data
  • For some countries scanning of both sides of identity cards is supported with additional comparison of the data from the front and back
  • Extraction of images of the document as well as ID and/or signature photo is available