New BlinkID v5 is out. Scanning of identity documents powered by machine learning.


The new BlinkID v5 is the smartest, most powerful software for data extraction from IDs, built on the next-gen machine learning system.

Meet BlinkID v5


Broadening horizons.

BlinkID is our first-ever product fully powered by our state-of-the-art machine learning technology. It’s a great leap forward in our mission to enable data extraction from all identity documents in the world.

BlinkID - Built around user

Built around the user.

The new BlinkID features a truly seamless UX and an uninterrupted scanning flow for users. Previously users had to preselect the country and type of identity document. Now, we are doing the thinking for you and your users. BlinkID’s AI performs real-time ID card detection and document classification.

BlinkID - Unsurpassed speed

Unsurpassed speed.

Every second of your users’ time counts. BlinkID has proven to be faster than any server-side solution out there, enabling instant data entry from ID cards, passports, visas, and work permits in the blink of an eye.

BlinkID - Serious about security

Serious about security.

We’re committed to keeping your business processes transparent and your users’ data safe. BlinkID enables data extraction and processing done entirely on-device, without any Internet or server connection. In other words, sensitive information never leaves your app.

What is PDF417?

PDF417 is the most commonly used 2D barcode format because it's an efficient and secure way to store large amounts of data. It is used on a great number of identity & travel documents across the world. BlinkID supports data extraction from any document containing the PDF417 format.

What is MRZ or MRTD?

MRZ is an abbreviation for Machine Readable Zone, whereas MRTD refers to Machine Readable Travel Document. MRZ is a format found on most passports and identity documents worldwide. It contains the document holder's data in a form which is both visually readable and encoded with optical character recognition. Built on the latest advances in machine learning, BlinkID enables scanning of MRZ with unsurpassed accuracy and speed.