C SDK is BlinkID, stripped of everything but the engine. That means no scanning, no wrappers and no API requests. You simply feed it a document image and get the results back in the shortest possible time. It’s data extraction at its finest. And fastest.

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Who is BlinkID C SDK for?

This form of deep-level integration is perfect when you need to read ID documents in:

  • Windows or macOS desktop applications
  • Custom hardware that runs a Linux-based OS on an Intel-compatible CPU, such as airport document readers and ATM machines
  • C++. Java, Python or Ruby applications (you wrap the C SDK in your target language)
  • Server-side solutions where quick runtime is essential and a docker-based integration cannot meet your performance or compliance needs

Try it first in our demo app:

See for yourself how well BlinkID is able to recognize any ID document you put in front of it.

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