BlinkID Cloud API

With BlinkID Cloud API, you can bring AI-driven identity document scanning to your web app faster than ever.

We've organized the API around REST to simplify integration with your backend — you just need to make sure you're sending the right request to the right endpoint (for example, an MRZ passport reader).

As soon as we've read the data from your user's identity document, we'll send back a JSON response with the results and discard the images immediately after. All requests and responses are encoded and passed through a secure HTTPS connection. 

Some other reasons why you may want to integrate ID scanning this way include: 

  • Localized servers (load balancing)
  • Responsive infrastructure with auto-scaling
  • Reporting interface (Developer Dashboard)
  • System status monitoring

Before you delve into the integration, you'll need trial credentials. Sign up on the Developer Dashboard to generate them yourself. You can then test the API by following steps laid out in the documentation below.

Head over to BlinkID Cloud API documentation

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View full list of supported documents

Remember BlinkID Cloud API is a backend service. This means we're handling image processing but you're in charge of image acquisition.

Generally, we need images of higher resolution, either encoded in base64 or uploaded to a URL as a jpg/jpeg, png, bmp, wbmp, or gif. You'll find some of our upload tips that yield the best success rates here.

We also recommend you set up a proxy app in between the public network and our endpoints so as not to expose authorization data and better control which information gets sent back to your frontend.

Using our frontend instead

Acquiring a sharp, readable image of an ID document can be challenging — especially from within a browser. 

That’s why we’ve developed an AI-powered frontend solution tasked solely with making sure an image of your user’s ID is ready for data extraction on the backend.

BlinkID ImageCapture In-browser SDK is built upon WebAssembly, a new type of code which allows us to run complex machine learning models directly in a browser. 

As a result, it can recognize the type, country and region of a document a user is holding in order to single out its most scannable frame. Try a demo.

BlinkID ImageCapture In-browser SDK works with still images as well, making sure they’re fit for processing whether a user takes one with a camera or uploads it from a device.

You can use BlinkID ImageCapture In-browser SDK in combination with our Cloud API to maximize success rates and provide a consistent UX across the web. 

Because this component is optional, you’ll need to log in to our Developer Dashboard and request a separate trial license key to run it.

Want to find out more? Contact sales.

Give our Cloud API demo a try

For testing purposes only. Choose from any of the three supported document types below:
The back side of US and Canadian drivers license.
Documents with MRZ; back of EU ID cards and international passports.
Other identity documents with barcodes.
Please open exchange link at the smartphone with QR reader.
3. Browse or use camera