BlinkID Self-hosted API

BlinkID Self-hosted API lets you deploy and manage AI-driven identity document scanning on your own server infrastructure.

You can run it on your Linux, MacOS or Windows host via Docker — a tool that makes it easier for you to deliver software in packages called containers.

Once you install Docker, you'll need to request a license key by registering on our Developer Dashboard. From there, contact our sales team who'll generate your trial license key and package it up in a custom docker-compose.yml. 

Essentially, this file lets you run BlinkID (publicly available as a Docker image) together with other apps in an isolated environment. 

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BlinkID Self-hosted API is a backend component. This means we're handling data extraction from images of identity documents but you still need to define how those images are acquired. 

We've prepared some examples of HTTP requests containing base64 images of document samples — you can use Postman to mimic what it would look like if a user sent an image of her ID for processing. To learn more about yielding the best success rates when uploading document images, please see our guidelines.

Additionally, we recommend you secure your authorization data by setting up a proxy app. This will also grant you better control of how requests are sent — and results returned — between your servers and the public network. 

Going with our frontend instead

If you don’t have an image acquisition solution in place, we’ve developed an AI-driven frontend component that guarantees ID images sent to our servers are readable. 

BlinkID ImageCapture In-browser SDK analyzes the video stream from a user's webcam before selecting the most suitable image for backend processing. 

It’s driven by multiple machine learning models that run directly in the browser to recognize the type, country and region of a document a user is holding. 

Because this component is optional, you’ll need to login on our Developer Dashboard and request a trial license key to run it locally. You can try the live demo first to see how it works. 

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