BlinkID Web API

Replace large registration forms with identity document scanning.

BlinkID Web API enables fast and accurate data capture from identity documents. Add it easily to existing web applications.

Works on mobile & desktop

Images are captured using a mobile or a web camera and sent to your server for processing. This way, sensitive user data never leaves your system.
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Try the demo

Test BlinkID Web API on supported ID documents to get structured results.
The back side of US and Canadian drivers license
Documents with MRZ; back of EU ID cards and International passports
Other identity documents with barcodes
Please open exchange link at the smartphone with QR reader.
3. Browse or use camera

Security and data privacy

Since BlinkID Web API doesn't depend on any third party service and doesn't send any data to Microblink, it gives you full control over the data flow and compliance. The Web API is a reliable, local solution that doesn't send data outside your infrastructure, giving you full control over data security and compliance with data privacy regulation.

Simple integration

With BlinkID Web API, identity document scanning is a part of your website, and it works with your existing backend.
BlinkID Web API is easy to scale within your existing infrastructure. You can deploy it on-premise or in the cloud.
On average, scanning time is under one second which makes BlinkID Web API an excellent solution for user-facing apps where user experience is essential.
Supported documents
BlinkID Web API supports Machine Readable Zone documents like EU ID cards and International passports, documents with barcodes including US and Canadian drivers licenses, and UAE identity cards. Other documents might be added depending on your requirements.

Get started with the trial license

You can use our Cloud API or the demo above to quickly see how BlinkID Web API works. At the moment, Cloud API is just for testing while for production, we provide the Docker Image with Java/Spring application. It can be added to your backend and communicate with your other apps using the standard REST interface.